Democracy and Electoral reforms: Raising awareness for the upcoming general elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The actual governing party intends to unconstitutionally seek a third presidential term or extend the sitting president’s term despite the illegal character of the intended amendment.  The current constitution only allows two presidential terms at the end of which the sitting president must step aside. Leaders of the governing party have been tested different strategies including a possible constitutional reform and other more complex means to bypass constitutional restrictions on presidential terms.

Adopted in 2006, the current constitution is a cornerstone of the Congolese democracy; any attempt to amend key election provisions may jeopardize the process of democratisation and hinder efforts that have been invested to reach this political stage.

This project seeks to safeguard the democratisation process in the Congo by promoting a democratic culture and protecting principles that are the foundation of democracy.

Specifically, this project pursues the following objectives:

  • To vulgarise electoral provisions which found the Congolese presidential elections;
  • To promote a democratic debate on the current political situation in order to comprehend controversies over the next general elections. 

By initiating this project, CDHD seeks to contribute to the efforts of safeguarding the fragile process of democratisation by raising awareness on democracy and constitutional reform.

Presentations were developed under the following themes:

  • Constitutional change and political change:  A new interpretation of democracy in the Congo
  • The impact of populations census on electoral process in Congo
  • Evaluating the electoral commission’s work in the preparation of the 2015-2016 general elections

The report of the activities will be available very soon.