Electoral and Transparency Programme



Strengthening the electoral process

CDHD ensures eletoral transparency through the:

  • observation of polls,
  • analysis of the electoral system effectivness,
  • study of electoral legislations¬†

Ensuring society participation in the electoral process

  • Community electoral education enables civilians to:
  • make a better choice during elections,
  • report electoral irregularities,
  • enhance the whole electoral process.

Community electoral empowerment is crucial for a state that needs to break from an authoritarian regime to a "transition to democracy" stage

Empowering women in the participation of democratic process

Authoritarian regimes are caracterised by inequalities of gender and absence of women in democratic process. Through this programme, women are empowered and encouraged to participate as candidates to elections at different levels; they can make a difference by bringing change that has been sought for years.