Electoral support to the Democratic Republic of Congo: Preventing violence in future elections

By implementing this project CDHD seeks to integrate human rights principles throughout the electoral process in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In conjunction with various professional experts’ organizations, CDHD will implement measures and strategies to prevent the recurrence of electoral violence by identifying stakeholders such as political parties and civil society leaders who have an important impact on the course of elections in the DRC.

This study should answer the following questions:

  • Why do elections in the DRC result in violence and intolerance? It is important to know the motivations behind political violence and reasons that incite political actors to intolerance
  • What are the causes of electoral violence in the DRC? These are immediate reasons that motivate supporters of different political parties to clash between them or with security forces
  • How can the cycle of electoral violence in the DRC be prevented? This question should provide strong measures to be considered in order to safeguard future elections in the DRC.

This project will pursue the following objectives:

  • To expose the sources of elections violence. It is crucial to know the causes of violence and understand better the social context where they occur in order to create and implement prevention mechanisms.
  • To offer approaches for stakeholders and policymakers to prevent the recurrence of violence during elections.  Through this objective, stakeholders will find ways and mechanisms of breaking the cycle of electoral violence and abide by democratic values to solve political issues.   
  • To foster a culture of democracy that should be founded on tolerance rather than violence. This objective is very important since the main idea behind this project is to strengthen democracy within a society whose transition to pluralism is being weakened.

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